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Earth colors

Beautiful shades of brown, gray and whites create the image and atmosphere of an earthly landscape scene, without any precise visual references. The paintings in this series will be stunning in both a modern, minimalist and a classical interior as well.


Glowing intensity

Beautiful shades of sienna, yellow ochre, cream and umber, with glimmering notes of golden orange – colors of the light kissing the earth. Due to their stillness and serenity these imaginary landscapes will be a radiant, beautiful element in the interior of your home or office.


Interacting colors

From the deep cerulean of the sea up to the cyan of the sky, with teal, turquoise, emerald and viridian on this color palette, these shades interacting will create movement and bring inspiring energy into your interior space.


Soothing tranquility

If you want a painting with just a few colors to enhance the atmosphere of your minimalist interior, browse the selection of these toned-down, simple color palette paintings. You will find small details of transitions of subtle gray and different white shades. The calming color world of these canvases will bring you quietness and tranquility at the end of a long day.

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